Hello, all.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to spend my time in sunny San Diego with some old friends. After our night of adventuring, we needed to refuel for breakfast. I pulled out my phone and yelped it.

Our location in the Gaslamp District pulled up about five to ten breakfast spots within a half mile walking distance. So how do we choose? We choose the most badass name, of course.


Located on the corner of 4th and Market, just passed Hooter’s, you might miss it if you weren’t looking for it. A bar in a brick building doesn’t quite stand out.

With hardly anyone there, we were seated quickly. I picked up the menu and was pleasantly surprised by my options. They had the usual breakfast burritos and pancakes, but they also had a bulgogi kimchi hash and something called Homer Cakes. Homer as in the Simpsons, as in pancakes inspired by Homer’s favorite donut…

I opted for the bulgogi kimchi hash because I convinced myself it would be healthier.


The kimchi flavor wasn’t overpowering and the bulgogi had a good texture, not chewy or fatty at all. The potatoes were soft but not mushy. All in all, nomtastic.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about the Homer Cakes. Luckily my friends were also impressed by what they ate that they wanted to come back on Sunday.

Saturday came and went, and glorious Sunday arrived.

Werewolf was nothing like Saturday. It was wolf-packed (sorry I had to) with families and football fans. We had to wait in line for about 15 minutes, but we didn’t mind. And I did it. I ordered the short stack Homer Cakes.


Look at it. Just look at it. Everything I’d imagine it to be. Sprinkles and sugar and raspberry filling.


Under all the icing, the pancakes are soft and fluffy. I would stick with the short stack and split it with a friend  (I did) because as delicious as they are, it can be a bit too sweet between the icing and the raspberry filling.

All in all, I would definitely go back to try their other items..  I’ll just immediately hide my scale upon returning home.


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