Hello It’s Me.

I can’t believe that it’s March already, and that it’s been far too long since I’ve posted something. Can I still blame the holidays? Okay fine. How about buying a new house/moving? Yeah? No? Fine. I accept that excuses are super lame.

I haven’t had much time to cook or bake, which sucks, but here is a list of places I’ve been to, which you may want to try if you’re in AZ.

  • Rise Up Bakery – Their orange cinnamon roll is yum.
  • Chou’s Kitchen – Because it’s damn hard to find soup dumplings in Arizona.
  • The Farmhouse – Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Their portions are huge, so bring your appetite (or split an omelette with a friend).
  • The Chuckbox – Mesquite grilled + open flame = best burgers. Onion rings are my fave!
  • Zinburger – When The Chuckbox seems too far away, and I want to try a burger with a bit of something else.
  • Even Stevens – Bomb sandwiches that contribute to a cause? Win. I heart the Mihami Vice and the Do Gouda.
  • Nami – For that vegan soft serve that’s actually delicious. Vegan means healthier right?
  • Green New American Vegetarian – Vegetarian dinner before hitting up Nami.
  • Simon’s Hotdogs – Tried this on a whim on our 5th Anniversary, and so happy we went. Colombian hot dogs that literally made us say “wow” after every bite. Tokyo Madness if you’re feeling daring.
  • Backyard Taco – Two words. Birria tacos. I once questioned if I could eat six of them. That was such a silly thought. Of course I could.
  • The HUB Grill and Bar – Raspberry chipotle Arizona smoked wings.
  • The Uprooted Kitchen –  Plant-based restaurant that I’ve loved since they were a food truck. I always get the quinoa breakfast bowl and one of their scones. Farm to table deliciousness.
  • CIBO – Super cute date spot with great neapolitan pizza. The crust is all things yes.
  • Harumi Sushi – Best downtown sushi spot with that forbidden rice. Don’t question the purple.
  • Singing Panda – Not to be basic, but their orange chicken is top notch.
  • Salvadoreño Restaurant – The reason I love pupusas.

I’m sure I visited more, but I can’t think of any others right now. I guess it’s because the only thing I can think of is food. Yup. I successfully made myself hungry writing that list. Anyone want to grab some brunch?

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